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Image by Vasilina Sirotina


Click on an image to check out my work :)


Remote Vans

My Summer '22 and Spring '23 Co-Op experience

Ophelia Armoire

Redefining traditional storage through an open-air approach

room2.3 - Copy.png

Mondo Esterno

A hypothetical case study undertsanding the relationsip between small businesses and sustainability by designing a modern zero-waste book cafe.

Blueland Shampoo Dispenser

Revolutionize the way we approach personal care by introducing a refillable dissolving shampoo tablet system.


Alto No. 2

A garment steamer that combines the power and water capacity of a full-size steamer with the ease and comfort of a handheld tool.


This Stevie Nicks-inspired speakeasy was designed in a virtual collaboration project with AvroKo in a multidisciplinary group consiting of Architecture, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design students. 

AvroKO Final Presentation(Groups34)[4986]_Page_08.jpg

Memphis Brew

Memphis Brew is a tea piazza that creates an exciting environment that invites people to be creative and play with their food.

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