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Summer 2022 and Spring 2023

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work this start-up for two semesters. This job was very making-centered and provided a great learning environment that was hands on from start to consumer.


My Role

My second round with Remote Vans, I was the only industrial designer on the team. With Remote Vans being a start-up, I had a multitude of responsibilites including creating and executing design concepts from start to finish. I was designing multiple pieces for the vans at the same time, mainly working in the sheet metal environment in Fusion 360 and creating milled pieces for cabinetry with V-Carve and a CNC. I designed, prototyped in cardboard and wood, and wroked with external companies to execute the final products. 

On top of my day-to-day, I took every opportunity to be involved in other projects unrelated to design. I sewed patches designed by our Communication Design Co-Op to our team coveralls. I helped in marketing by documenting the team working and participating in meetings. I also took part in foundational meetings regarding the company's future.

Snapshots Of My Work 

Bascule Queen Bed

Bascule Bed

Made of 3/16" Aluminum. A murphy bed designed to be stored during the day and moving to increase space in the 'garage'


A Week at Remote Vans Series

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