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About Me


My name is Katie, I'm a Cincinnati-based designer interested in furniture and consumer goods.

I unite my end-end design background and resourcefulness to increase efficiency through creative design solutions and produce unique consumer experiences.

I am passionate about human rights and mental health awareness. I feed my artistic interests with photography and crochet. In my free time, I keep my imagination alive by spending time in nature and with playing RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons.

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About Me: About


The Workshop

Granny Square Blanket

I initially started with granny squares as a way to teach myself crochet as I found it to be a productive way to deal with the stressful transition of senior year. The blanket became a way for me to look forward to going to college as it would be a piece of home I could take with me forever.

Schnell Snail Chess Set

This cottege-inpsired chess set brings the board to life by offering a playful perspective on a traditional game. The pieces are modeling in polymer clay. An aluminium foil armature was used to make the pieces stronger and lighter.

Baby Blanket

A gift for my nephew. A soft ombré of gold to complement his nursery.

The Plan:

White Rows: 1/2 doulbe herringbone crochet (x2 rows)

Gold Rows: single crochet (x2 rows)

Boarder: ribbed double crochet (x4 rows)


Observational Portrait Photography

Natural Photography