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This Stevie Nicks-inspired speakeasy was designed in a virtual collaboration project with AvroKo in a multidisciplinary group consiting of Architecture, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design students. 


From coffee bar by day to bar space at night: The Hotel and Members Club in Nashville, TN welcomes Sweven, a top-floor speakeasy inspired by Stevie Nicks. From rich leather to delicate lace, this Victorian-style space brings Stevie's legacy to life while offering a secluded getaway from daily craze. Sweven is ideal for any socialite or businessperson loking for a place of respite and to enjoy an intimate setting with their friends of work.


The inspiration for this space is founded upon three main pillars: Body, Mind, and Soul.



The inspiration for the Body of the space stems from modernized Victorian spaces. Mirrored backwall to open the space. Large windows and scattered folliage for a greenhouse effect. Deatiled moulding on walls and structures like the bar and service area.



For Mindset & Transformation, airy curtains and Moroccan hanging lanterns were used to spark a sense of wonder. Plush furniture and delicate glassware provide comfortability and create a calm atmosphere.

stevie 2.jpg


Stevie Nicks is the soul of this project. Her freedom and go-with-the-flow attitude inspired the space to be playful, yet refined and sophisticated.

Floor Plan

The Floor Plan was designed as a modular buffet space. Featuring: a buffet style couch paired with bistro-size tables and plush arm chairs that separate in the evening to create secluded intimate settings, separated by curatains hanging from a pergola. Floor Plans were a collab with an Architecture student and I.

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Furniture Choices

Designed and Curated by the Industrial Design students in the group

The Bar

The Bar was designed so during the day, a menu board was slid over the back shelves to hide any alcohol that was brought out during the bar's evening activities. 

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

The Service Area

The Service Area, in the day would sit in the closed position on the left and would hold any cafe accessories with some miscellaneous glasses. At night, a shelf lifts from the cabinet below and holds complimentary water glasses for guests.


Object Inspiration

Dining Area

Key Experiences: 

Food and Drinks via bottle service

Meaningful social experiences with space for independant reflection



Designed and Demonstrated by Communication Design students

A Drawn Logo and Original Title Lettering create a handcrafted essence around Sweven's brand language.  


Bondai Serial (light)

Color Palette: 

Pantone 121C - Gold |

Pantone 2695C - Rich Violet |

Pantone 2208C - Storm Blue |

Pantone 7421C - Raspberry Pantone |

343C - Gem

AdobeColor-My Color Theme (1).jpeg
AdobeColor-My Color Theme (1).jpeg
AdobeColor-My Color Theme (1).jpeg
AdobeColor-My Color Theme (1).jpeg
AdobeColor-My Color Theme (1).jpeg


Modeled and renders by Architecture Students in Sketchup

AvroKO Final Presentation(Groups34)[4986]_Page_07.jpg
AvroKO Final Presentation(Groups34)[4986]_Page_08.jpg
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